My game

Hello again!

Today I decided to make a post about my own game under development. a Little showcase what I have been doing and what I will do. So right now I’m actually working on a second level of the game. I did the first level a year ago, test played it by couple of friends, but wasn’t satisfied by the graphics I made back then. To this day I have been getting better making graphics and decided that I will remake all of first level graphics. So because of that reason, I will not show any pictures of the first level, but the second level only. Of course there is still a lot to do. In the pictures here you can see the finished backgrounds I most likely gonna use in the complete level, new player and some other sprites as well. For making graphics I use Manga Studio for large images like backgrounds and GraphicsGale Free Edition for sprite images/pixel art.


Second stage theme is an old abandoned (Or is it?) castle at night. I only have one enemy sprite ready for now, which is that knight on the right. He is supposed to be a rather tough enemy using his shield to protect from your projectile attacks, and sword to attack you when nearby. For the player I am planning to make him able to shoot shock waves from sword slashes when in good health. Just like in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past if you have played that game. Shock waves will make slight damage to the enemy HP, but if you are courageous enough, you can go near the enemies and deal greater damage using the sword slashes. With this I try to increase difficulty a little, and also make taking risks worthwhile. Player will also be able to double jump and duck to make him more mobile and easier to dodge enemy attacks.


This game will be like a Mega Man game, but also like bullet hell. I wanna see how that is gonna go together and adjust the difficulty along the way. For now I have plans to make this game about four to six levels long, adding probably one extra level if I have enough ideas for that (I know, that’s pretty short). For adding some replay value and longevity, I have plans to add an power up store, where you can buy power ups  making your character more powerful and unique using in game collectables. I have also been having thoughts to maybe add a new game plus to the game. But all of these things aren’t gonna be important for a long time. For now I will focus making a new content to the game. Hopefully I will release new test version this fall when the second level is hopefully done. I do not promise anything, but I aim for that!

Changing the topic! Today I finally reached level 20 at Pokémon Go. I’ve been told that you must be above level 20 to play this game properly, because now I can encounter strong Pokémons that will be good enough to keep and power up using the stardust and candies. For now, I have been catching every Pokémon I have encountered for experience points, and then transferring them away later. I have also gained huge experience point stashes by using lucky egg and mass evolving those Pidgeys and other low cost Pokémons I had. Now that I’m above level 20, I don’t know if gaining experience points will matter that much anymore, but I will still keep doing everything like earlier and aim for that level 30 which will probably take a very long time. At the moment I have caught about 80 different Pokémons and seen at least one more (Damn you Poliwrath for escaping from everything!). This game has been fun at least for summer with a friend of mine. I look forward how long this game will keep me and other people interested. When the winter comes I guess we will see the real players. Go team Instinct!

Tomorrow is finally the long waited day I will travel to the London and stay there until Tuesday when I fly to the Paris. In London I will meet my friend who have been transfer student in Japan for a year now and is finally coming back to Finland visiting some European countries along the way. I Will be walking around London sightseeing. Big Ben and London Bridge are must see in my trip. For Sunday I have bought a ticket to a Thorpe amusement park. In Paris I will be meeting same friend second time and walk around the city sightseeing. For maximising my experience, I have booked a full day tour around Paris including lunch at Eiffel Tower, visiting Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral and Seine River with cruiser. I’m so excited!


This is all I have for now. Rather long post, but there was a lot to write this time. Next time I will be making a post about my trip in the London.

Thank you for reading my blog! Leave a comment if you have anything to say!

Have a nice day! 😉


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