My trip to London

I’m back!

I had a wonderful week travelling, and last night I came back to Finland. I’m little tired when writing this because my sleeping schedule is messed up due to the late night bus I took so I’m sorry if my writing is a bit messy. My first day after the trip has also been very busy, but I was still able to make some time to write this blog post. So without further ado, I will now tell you about my trip to the first destination, London.

The first travelling day was very tiring. I woke up at 6:00 am, took shower and ate some breakfast. After that it was a time to start walking towards bus station where I took a 6 hour bus to Helsinki. At Helsinki I had several hours before my flight, so I just looked around and ate some lunch before I headed to the airport. My flight was on time and went without any problems. When I arrived at the Gatwick Airport it was already afternoon. First I wanted to buy a train ticket to the central London. That was pretty simple and people were really helpful, but in the train the difficulties began when I took a look at the train map. It didn’t made any sense to me. Luckily again, I met a very helpful man who wrote me a map where to go and using that I finally made it to my hotel. My hotel was pretty cheap and mediocre overall, but it was still really good for resting and I also had an English breakfast included every morning.

At Saturday I met my friends in front of the Big Ben. After well slept night, the train map looked much more simpler and I made it to the right train station pretty easily. Big Ben was amazing! I also had the pleasure hearing it rang at least once. After enjoying our time with the Big Ben, we took off and headed towards other parts of the city. Along the way we stopped at some cafeteria and I tasted my first proper English coffee. The coffee is more expensive in London than in Helsinki, but is also a little bit richer in taste because of all the cream and other things they put in their coffee. We saw many monuments and beautiful architecture when walking around the city. After a while we arrived at Buckingham Palace. Or at least other side of the road of palace. There was a really nice flower arrangements and the palace looked beautiful, even from other side of the road. In that day we also visited Trafalgar Square and  tried to get a ride in the London eye, but the ride was so expensive that we lost our interest. After all that is was already evening. We enjoyed the nice weather in the Westminster Bridge next to Big Ben taking pictures. The Big Ben looked even more amazing at night because of the lights.


At Sunday I got a train and went to the Thorpe amusement park in Staines. I was surprised how long the train ride from Waterloo was. Thorpe Park was huge and I had a great day there excluding some things. Because it was Sunday, the lines were so long that I needed to queue one and half hour to one ride at best. In a whole four hours I spent in the park, I made it to only three rides. And if that wasn’t enough, one of the rides broke when I was in the line waiting. After over half an hour they got it fixed and I didn’t miss the ride. Even though the day wasn’t all that successful, the weather was sunny and I had my fun.

At Monday it was my last whole day in London. I was a bit clueless what to do in the morning, but after googling, I decided to go visit British Museum.It wasn’t mistake. There were pieces of history from all around the world. I had no hard time spending several hours in it. After visiting the museum, I had no other plans for the day. I took the train back to the hotel and rested a little. In the evening I got out and took some fresh air walking through London night.


The Tuesday went at the Gatwick Airport. I got there several hours in advance. I’m a bit disappointed by the fact that Gatwick had limited free WiFi access. After one hour and thirty minutes you need to buy premium. For me the free time was enough and rest of the time went exploring the north terminal and eating some lunch. After all I had a great time in London. I would totally come visiting again someday. This is pretty much all I had to say about my visit in London. Tomorrow I will make a post about my trip to Paris.

Thank you for reading!



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