My trip to Paris

So this time I’m gonna write about my journey in beautiful Paris. My flight from London was sadly one hour late and it was almost midnight when I finally arrived to the Charles De Gaulle Airport. I didn’t had time to explore that day, so I immediately got to the information desk to ask how to get to my hotel. My hotel was near Denfert Rochereau, so the train option was really straightforward. After I arrived to my hotel, I was really hungry so I needed to go night walking finding some open shop. For my surprise, there were some open markets at midnight and I got my food.

At Wednesday I was supposed to meet my same friends from London again and explore Paris together. We met at the Denfert Rochereau because that was easiest for me and kept going from there. Along the walk we passed through beautiful parks (Luxembourg Park and Luxembourg Palace) full of artistic statues and fountains. Then we stopped at some bakery and I had my first taste of french baguette. It was really good! Later we arrived to the Notre Dame that was our goal for the day. Notre Dame was very tall and detailed. At that day we couldn’t get inside because it was already closed so we kept going. After taking enough pictures of Notre Dame, we met some street musicians on the nearby bridge. I guess that was a very french thing because I met many street musicians in my trip in Paris. The music really raised the mood. It was already turning into evening and we were all hungry again so it was time to find some dining place. Luckily we already found one pretty cheap french restaurant when walking earlier. It was a whole three course meal only at 16€. The food was really tasty and the time we had there was very enjoyable. My friend dared to taste snails. They looked pretty nasty to me. After having our great three course meal it was so late that it was time to call it a day and I got back to my hotel.


At Thursday my plan was to meet my friends early at Denfert Rochereau and go to the Paris catacombs which had always very long queue, and after that go to Paris Zoological Park. We queued to the catacombs about one and half hour before we got in. Entry fee was only 10€ what was really surprising for such amazing experience. I like creepy stuff so this was one of the most memorable interest in my Paris trip. In the catacombs we descended very deep underground and were greeted by probably millions and millions human skulls and bones. The atmosphere there was really humid and dark. There were some skull arts on the walls and lot of french texts I couldn’t understand. I heard that the catacombs has so large underground path system, that you can easily get lost there. But of course the tourist part is very restricted, so you can’t get lost. Ascended from the catacombs, my friends needed to hurry to the Louvre Museum and I was supposed to go to the Zoo, so we split up. Paris Zoological Park was pretty big and there was many animals I hadn’t seen before. Most interesting ones being lions, tigers and monkeys. Other notable animals were giraffes, rhinos and other savanna animals. My only disappointment was that I didn’t saw any crocodiles even though I think I saw a crocodile picture in the guide map. Anyway, I had a really great and busy day after visiting both of those places.


Friday I think was my highlight day of the Paris trip. I had an guided full day tour around most notable interests in Paris. First we got to the Louvre Museum, where I saw the Aphrodite and many other known sculptures, historical artifacts, many popular paintings, Mona Lisa being probably the most known of those. The Museum was also a piece of art itself. There was so many roof arts and details you could easily spend hours enjoying those. After Louvre, we hopped on a Seine river boat cruise towards Eiffel tower. The whole day was so hot I felt like I’m going to melt. At the Eiffel tower we had to stand in a line a little bit before we got in. I must say there was really tight security checks all around London and Paris. Finally we got the elevator to the first floor of the Eiffel and we were provided a two course lunch at the Eiffel restaurant. The smoked salmon fillet I ate was delicious. After eating, we had a little bit of time to go to the second floor of the Eiffel tower. The view was amazing! You could see the whole Paris from there. There was also a elevator to the top of the tower with a little extra cost, but we didn’t had the time because the line was very long there too. Time was up and we needed to head back to the Seine river cruiser. This time we cruised to the Notre Dame, and this time we could get in. In inside there was silence because people were praying. There was really beautiful window arts, sculptures and wall arts. The tour ended after we got out of the Notre Dame. I was feeling a little hunger and bought a delicious crêpe from the cafe across the street. When I walked out, I accidentally met my friends when they were lining to the roof of the Notre Dame. I then decided to group up with them and got to see the roof as well. On the roof you could see the Gargoyles up close, as well as those really old bells. The view was also nice from there. After spending our time at the roof we split up again and I walked straight back to my hotel.


At Saturday it was my last full day at Paris. I knew I had to wake early in the Sunday because of my flight and I didn’t had any good plans for that day. My friends recommended me to go visit the Arc De Triomphe. Nothing else popped in my mind so I took the train and got there. The arch was huge and it also had very detailed sculptures and engravings in it. To get to the central part you needed to take underground stairs and walk across the street from there because the arch is situated in middle of a traffic circle. The cost was about 10€, but I think it was well worth the experience. You could climb to the top of the arch and get some nice view pictures from there. In the arch there was also a souvenir boutique where I bought little Eiffel towers for my friends in Finland. After experiencing the arch, it was time for dinner. Walking around the city I stopped at some good looking restaurant and ordered two course meal including nice red wine and of course, coffee. I must admit I have really bad head for alcohol and I almost got drunk from the wine I had. I usually don’t drink any alcohol at all, but while in my Paris trip I got to drank plenty. The next thing I did was wasting my time in several other souvenir shops. I spent some money buying lots of souvenirs for my family, and of course for myself too. In the evening I was supposed to go to bed early, but I couldn’t resist the desire to go out and see the Eiffel tower at night. So I ended up taking the train again and boy it was so worth it! The tower was lighted up and there were so many people around it. You could buy different kinds of Eiffel themed electronics from the street market there. I enjoyed nice night weather around Eiffel, and then walked back to my hotel through midnight Paris. That was a really nice ending for my trip. Too bad I was really sleepy the next morning when I needed to woke up at 6:00 am and catch up my flight through Copenhagen to Helsinki. I didn’t had time to explore Copenhagen because I had only couple of hours before my connecting flight. Maybe next time though!


So this concludes my story of travelling Paris. It was really enjoyable in every way and maybe I get to go there again sometime. Pretty long post this time, but there was so much in my mind. I will keep this week free and get my life back in order, then start working with my game again next week and probably post my progress.

Thank you again for reading, and leave a comment if you have anything in mind. Have a nice one! 🙂


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