Development Progress 28/8/2016


a Little update what I have been doing this week. Right now I’m on full focus mode producing graphics for my game. This week I did two new enemies for the game and added some move set for older one.

First I wanna introduce stage 2 most common enemy, a basic flying bat. Like my stage 1 fairy enemy, this is an exact clone to it. The bat enemy is supposed to spawn alone or as a group and start flying in up and down motion patterns towards player. Player can either range attack it or slash it down up close. This enemy has low hp, but it relies attacking with a group of other enemies making it harder to kill.


Next up is the stage 2 most common ground enemy, skeleton warrior. Skeleton warrior is also a pretty weak enemy, but it can’t be permanently killed. When player deals enough damage to him, he just simply collapses and after a little cool down he re-emerges from the ground with full power. This enemy uses his sword as a weapon when player is near enough. I haven’t done attacking animations for this enemy yet, but enjoy the basic walking animation instead.


Last but not least I made attacking and shielding animations for the most powerful stage 2 enemy, elite warrior. This enemy is much tougher than the last two. He has higher hp and deals greater damage using his great sword. If player tries to range attack, elite warrior will use his shield so player is forced to fight this enemy in close combat.


This is all I have been doing for my game this week. Next week I will make one more stage enemy and start planning the boss fight. Player sprite also lacks some action sprites, so there is still a lot more to do on the graphical side before I head to Game Maker programming.

See you again next Sunday!


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