Development progress 4/9/2016

Once again, an update of ongoing progress!

This time I’ve been planning the boss fight and the boss character itself. Second stage theme is a bit spooky so I made a boss that suits that image well, a witch! She is the sister of the first boss, but they are like a day and a night, almost  literally. I’m not gonna spoil much out of her before the demo gets released. No sprite images yet for her, but dialogue bust is ready.


Like I said in the last post, I also made another stage enemy, the gargoyle. This enemy is immobile but shoots fireballs from its mouth when player gets too near. Player can use ranged attacks to broke it from safe distance, or smash it near using sword slashes.


Next I will continue planning the boss fight making the sprite images for her, and when/if I have the time, I will make a player bust image for dialogue just like I did for the second stage boss this time. That’s all folks. Thank you for reading my blog and see you next time!


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