Development Progress 11/9/2016

Good Sunday to you!

This week was a little bit lazy you could say. I have been addicted to Pokémon Go more and more for some reason and also played Overwatch every day. I have still something to provide for this post, and that is the player dialogue bust. I have also been working with the boss battle but nothing to reveal, at least for now.

I’m not sure if this player bust image will be final, but I made huge effort making it. This is also a first time you can see the main character and his sword close up. You can see the sword in flames, but in fact it is supposed to be in flames only at certain points at the game like when you have slaughtered enough enemies without getting hit giving you a damage boost. If you read my last post and look at the boss dialogue bust, you can see some similarity. 😉


Again a really short post because there isn’t anymore to show. I will continue making the boss fight and some sprites next week and hopefully have something to show you at Sunday. Now I will go to play some Pokémon Go!

Have a nice one!


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