Development Progress 25/9/2016

Hello once again!

Sorry that I skipped posting last Sunday. That was because I was in a sudden Super Smash Bros. Wii U tournament, and when I got back home, it was too late and I was way too lazy to start writing. But I’m back now with a lots of new stuff with me!

Past two weeks I’ve been seriously working with the boss battle and its graphics. Here you can see some move sets of the boss (Still unnamed). Her main attack is spamming projectiles towards player in various patterns. She moves teleporting around so she can be anywhere, anytime. You should watch out her snakes that can lead to a binding attack causing some serious damage! In the last picture you can see her in a barrier field. That is when player can’t deal any damage to the boss. This is used in the endurance section of the boss fight when player just needs avoid boss bullets certain amount of time (Just like in Touhou games).


Here you have the second dialogue bust for the witch when she gets serious. You can see the snakes coming out from the sleeves telling this isn’t any ordinary boss. She also has ring on the left hand finger which contains all of her powers. If you manage to break or take it away from her, she becomes powerless.


This is all for two weeks this time. Still a lot to do before I get to the coding. Any art you see here isn’t final and can be modified before final version. Thank you for reading again and see you later!




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