Development Progress 9/10/2016


Here again after two weeks posting an update. Busy weekend with couple of friends and Super Smash Bros. No new graphics to show this time unfortunately because there has not been lot to do anymore. I started Game Maker programming which I’m planning to continue next week until the stage is done. There might be some need of graphics along the way but right now I have done everything at that side. Because there is nothing much to show or write when programming, I will now post only when I have something interesting to say or show. To now I have been posting at least once every other week but there has always been something new to show. Game development has been in good progression after I started keeping track of it by blogging.

I’m sorry that this post might be a bit boring one but hopefully next time I have more to show. Or maybe I will post my first game review before that, who knows?

Thanks for reading again. Until next time!


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