Development Progress 23/10/2016

Good Sunday folks!

I’m here again to post some development progress I’ve been doing recently. Didn’t have time to make any game reviews like I said in the previous post. But maybe this will make it up for you.

Programming is going at nice pace at the moment and I have implemented some basic player and enemy movements in the game. Player can now move left and right, duck, attack on both directions and double jump. He still lacks aerial attack, which will be coming soon. There is still little tweaks to be done at player basic mechanics, for example, he gets stuck if you collide with tile objects from below and such. But those aren’t gonna be too time consuming to fix I guess.

In video below you can see pretty much everything I’ve done at the Game Maker so far. In the upper right corner of the screen you can see player health. In the stage you can see player collects some crystals but nothing happens. I haven’t implemented any collectable counter yet but that is coming to the game also. First you can see the skeleton enemy which starts swinging at player when he gets too near. Player is invincible at the moment and cannot take any damage or die. Next you see the gargoyle in action. It shoots fireballs at player in static pattern. I’ve been thinking maybe add more patterns to the gargoyles in future(?). Last but not least you can see the knight which at the moment doesn’t have anything special at him. He only approaches when player gets too near and swings sword, but he is also gonna use his shield later. There is still the flying bat enemy that I haven’t done anything with. Next I think I will complete the stage and finish with all the enemy programming. Then I will fix all player actions and finally move to the boss programming.

If you have any feedback at the moment, feel free to comment this post or send me email to

Thank you for reading again and have a fun day! 🙂


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