Development Progress 6/11/2016

Good November people!

I’m here again with a new video to show what has been going on past two weeks. Nothing crazy has been happening. Winter is coming! Weather started getting cold in November but it hasn’t snowed in my city yet. I’ve been really addicted to Overwatch again. I’m also grieving to play some single player games recently, but all play time goes into Overwatch. I decided to take a break from that game when season 2 concludes, and maybe play the new Dark Souls 3 DLC that came out. But yeah, lets concentrate to my development progress for now on.

I got an idea for a new enemy for the stage and added portrait that creepily stares at player where ever he goes. If player gets too neat, the portrait will attack dealing some damage. Not every portrait will attack though. I let player find out himself which ones to avoid.

I also made some cosmetic improvements to the game adding more layers to the background, and made a fragmented fence to add some feel into the stage. I personally think it looks great!

Now the game has collectable calculator. You can see it on the video in the upper right corner next to the hearts. I made the collectables a little bigger too so they are more easily seen on the level.

Now the level has been completed, but there is still a few bugs with enemies and little fixing in the player actions still. The development is coming along nicely and before no time I will have a demo to provide you all.

I guess this is all for this time! Have a nice November! 🙂


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