Demo Released 28/12/2016

Merry late christmas!

Finally the game reached a level that I can give it to be tested. Demo can be downloaded from the google drive link below.

When you start the game you can alternate between fullscreen and windowed mode by pressing alt + enter simultaneosly. Be noted though that the game might start bugging if you do so depending on the system. I have tested the game on both Windows 10 PC and a laptop. The bug occurred on the latter.  The game had some lag issues when I played at Windows 10 first, but I think I got it fixed. If anything still occurs, please report me.

I’m sorry to all Mac users. I can’t export the game for Mac unless I had an Apple computer, which I don’t. Maybe sometime later I figure out how to still export the game for Mac.

Without further ado. Thank you for testing the demo! If you find any game breaking bugs or just want to send me a feedback, you can do so by commenting this blog post or sending me email at

Thank you for reading once again and have a nice new year! See you next year! 🙂

Download stage 2 demo here


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