New year, new plans

Happy late new year!

So the year has changed once again and it’s time to continue working again. I had some people playing my demo and got important feedback. Now I have some direction what has to improve and what was great in the game. Thanks for that!

My holidays went playing Final Fantasy XV and Pokémon Sun which I finally finished. Both are great games in my opinion. Now that I got back to my apartment I played lots of Overwatch again and got my season 3 rank. That game has changed a little while I took my break from it, but now I’m addicted again!

I have gone ahead and make some major plans for the game. Now, for the next step, I’m gonna remake the first level for the game. Theme of the first stage is forest and the boss is gonna be elf queen. The progression rate should be a little faster because I have the core mechanics coded in the game but of course you can always polish those. I will start with the graphics making again and then move to the coding when I see the best.

Well, I guess this is all for the first post of the year. I will wish you a good new year!

See ya next time!


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