Development Progress 22/1/2017

Let’s post a development progress for a change!

Two weeks have passed again since the last post and I decided it’s a good time to tell where I’m going at the moment. Graphics producing is going at a good pace since I have already made first three enemies for the next level. Don’t worry, I’m not hurrying with the producing and I’m always making this game with the most caring love and planning ahead before doing anything. I actually think planning ahead only makes game developing faster on a good way, don’t you think?  Oh well, it’s time to show you my latest work.

First, let me introduce the fairy which will be the basic flying enemy in the next level. She will be similar to the bat enemy in the stage 2 demo, flying towards player but this enemy unlike the bat, can shoot bullets which makes it a little more dangerous.


Second there will be the stationary enemy similar to the gargoyles in the earlier demo. The plant will also spit out bullet waves and unlike gargoyles, this enemy is a living thing so it can be killed.


Third one is a elf that uses bow and arrows as her weapons. This enemy is a little more rare in the upcoming level. Bow elf will shoot arrows at the player if he gets too near and then proceed to escape if player can successfully avoid the arrows.


There is still two more enemies and a boss that I haven’t started making yet. I will keep them secret for now, but there will be more enemies and maybe other things too to be revealed when the next post hits this blog, so keep an eye out!

This will be all for now. Thank you for reading and see you next time!


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