Development progress 5/2/2017

Hello there!

It’s my birthday tomorrow but before celebrating let’s post my development progress.

I made first version of the stage 1 background and treeline in front of it. What do you think? It’s a little different from the stage 2 version because I decided maybe it’s better to keep all graphics the same to make them look a little nicer. I was thinking maybe animate some waves to the background too. In the video below  you can see all the current enemies of the stage. The fairy, plant, elf archer and one new contender, the warrior elf.

Warrior elf is the walking enemy of the stage like the skeleton in the demo. You have to be fast in order to avoid her attacks and counter them.

This is all for this post. It will be not much longer and I can start coding again.

Thank you for reading! See you again next time!


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