Development progress 19/2/2017

Hello again!

This will be a massive post because there is a lot to say and show this time. First of all, I’m trying to revamp my blog little by little starting very soon. I’m so concentrated making my game that my blog gets no love and I’m gonna fix that. Not anything big though. Maybe make this a little bit easier to read and some cosmetic things.

But now for the game. Past two weeks I have done a lot. I have made a pretty big plans for the games future and a major one is that the game is gonna change a little from your ordinary “complete levels to progress to the next one” to the metroidvania type of a game. I think this will add more depth to it. Another huge update will be the upcoming upgrade shop where player will be able to buy health and weapon upgrades, as well as key items and such which will help progressing the game. Everything will cost jewels which player can farm from the levels. I’m very excited to start making those when the time comes.

Speaking of the game mechanics, I progressed and started to make my own health and collectable meters for the game instead using those ugly Game Maker default ones. I think it came out pretty good. It also has player expressions when player is badly hurt that doesn’t show on the picture below. I’m willing to do custom health meter to the bosses too. First custom font for dialogues is also under development.


Aside from game mechanics, let me introduce possibly the last enemy of the forest level. The enemy is another plant but this is a more critical enemy as it hides in the trees and uses those hanging vines to capture the player resulting to bind animation which player can escape if fast enough. If player has only one health left though, this enemy will devour him so better watch out!


I also got to start messing with the boss character graphics. The boss of the forest is queen elf who uses her magic wand and bow as her weapons. Maybe next week I’m gonna make more sprites for her I guess. The boss battle itself is under planning but I already have the general idea how it’s gonna be.



So yeah, a massive update this time. For the next time I’m progressing with the boss sprites and other stuff. I also have to remake the castle stage backgrounds with the new style. I’m already very far with the graphics and I’m very excited to get to the coding part maybe soon. The next demo will be big compared to the last one. But of course the demo is nowhere near here yet.

I thank you kindly for reading again. Hope to see you next time as well!


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