Development Progress 12/3/2017

I wanted some break from messing with the graphics and started programming the forest enemies in working order. Some are already done I think, but there is still some minor fixing to be done. It’s definitely easier to import new enemies in the game when you already have similar enemies from before. Of course I don’t want them to be too similar, so things get harder when I wanna try new types of enemy attacks.

Despite my recent eagerness towards programming, I got some graphical work done too. I remade the castle background and did background for the new castle yard stage.



Right now I’m working with three new stages. I’m also trying to improve the game mechanics and add stuff like that player hud you can see in the pictures. There is still a lot for a one guy to do but I think I’m progressing kinda good pace so far.

That’s all for this rather short post. C’ya next time! 😉


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