Development Progress 26/3/2017

I managed to make almost fully working pause screen to the game. Only thing is that it seems I need to reset the player controls when the game resumes or player will get stuck forever. It’s a really simple pause screen though. When the player press ‘Esc’ key, the game freezes, and when the ‘Esc’ is pressed again, the game continues from the exact same position. You can see that there is an inventory added too. The inventory shows your bought items/power-ups from the merchant which I’m showing below.


So this will be the start of the game. You start from the forest where you need to progress to the right obviously which will teleport you to the actual first stage of the game, The Forsaken Forest. The bonfire works as a saving spot throughout the game. You will find those in some other places too. If player dies, he will start again from the last bonfire he saved at. I actually haven’t programmed any saving methods in the game yet, but that will be done very soon. Next to the bonfire is the merchant I talked about earlier. From the merchant you can buy different kinds of items and power-ups that helps the player along the way.


Beside game mechanics talking, I enchanted all the player sprites. Maybe I will also add some extra animation sprites now that I’m working with those. I’m mainly thinking about the missing animation when the player gets hurt.


I think this is all I’ve done for this time. I’m kinda confused nowadays to what I will be doing for the next time so better not make any promises and do whatever comes in mind. It’s also fun to surprise you all when there is no expectations I think.

But without further ado, have a nice week and c’ya all next time!


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