Development Progress 9/4/2017

The spring has finally come and weather has gotten warmer. We have finally got rid of the snow for good in Finland. At least I hope so!

At last I’m done with the item merchant which took more time than I thought. Now the game has a fully working store for items that can be bought with in-game jewels. This brings some depth to game as you can play the game with or without helping health and defense boosts, buy abilities and keys to the new area and much more.


I continued my work trying to enchant some existing graphics and this time I made a new player dialogue bust. I think I’m never satisfied with those, but I think I’m getting better every time. Speaking of enchanting, I also switched the game font color to white and made a new white dialogue box because at least for me it looks more clear.



Besides of all those, I started making the second forest level yesterday and got pretty far with it. Name is gonna be “Jungle Depths” and it features two of the more powerful enemies before the elf queen boss fight.


Next week I’m going to the Lapland to meet my family for two weeks because of Easter. But fear not, I’m not gonna rest there. I’m planning to start coding those last two enemies in the game and then hopefully I can start making the boss fight.

Thank you for reading once again and have a nice day!


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