Development Progress 23/4/2017

I’m back! Despite visiting my family,  I made a lot of progress during two weeks.

First of all I discovered a huge performance tweak which is already implemented to the game. Before the tweak I had the problem that the game loaded the whole level at the same time which caused a slow down even with my gaming pc if I had too much going on at the same time. After the tweak, game only activates objects that are visible and necessary for the game to run. Now the game runs pretty solid 60 frames per second even with a mediocre laptop my mother has. I’m really happy that there was a pretty easy fix for that because I was kinda scared about how demanding the game was gotten.

Other than tweaking, I got all the enemies programmed in the game. There might still be a little fixing, but they are looking pretty good so far.

For the queen elf boss battle, I’ve made the first phase and currently working with the second. I have plannings to add four phases and if this isn’t enough, I’m going to add more later after the next test demo.


The game has progressed to a point that if it looks good, I will post a demo trailer next week. There is still a things to do before the actual demo, but if I can keep up the pace, the demo will be reality soonish.

Thank you for reading again and have a great next week!


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