I’m back… kinda

Long time no see!

Big thanks to all who tried my latest demo! I have gotten great feedback from my friends, and I’m set to sail the new seas with my game. Not too many bugs were found, but there were still some, which will be fixed when the next demo comes out.

School entrance exams are over, and I’m waiting for the results, which are supposed to come within this month. If I’m lucky, then I need to move to a new city, which takes time and effort. But for now, I have some free time to develop my game.

Sadly, I’m currently in lack of visuals what is the next stage gonna look like. I’m thinking about city full of mechanical enemies, like robots and turrets, lasers and all those sci-fi kinda stuff. To help myself a little, I made an illustrations of my current ideas, which you can see below.

First on the left is the robot fly, which represents the annoying flying enemies from the past stages. Robot fly is gonna shoot multiple bullets when player approaches it.

Next to the fly on the right is my first visualization of the turret. Turret is supposed to be stationary enemy, which shoots lasers, if player is detected. You can compare it to the plant and gargoyle enemies from the demo.

The remaining two are actually the same enemy, but the left one is the older version, and the right one I actually draw today. Quite the difference, eh? I, myself, like the newer one better. Mostly, because it looks a lot cooler, and I think it suits the game style better. So yeah, that is gonna be the regular battle enemy, which can be compared to the elf warrior, and skeleton from the demo, if you want the general idea. I haven’t really gotten into thinking about attacks yet, but you can see him having a big arm cannon, which is gonna be used. Other than that, you need to wait until I get some ideas.

Missing from the illustrations, I have one another enemy in my mind… the behemoth. The behemoth is gonna be giant robot, which roams around the level, and player needs to avoid his huge robot legs, or he will be stomped to death. Other than that I haven’t yet got any other ideas for it. So, the behemoth is gonna be more like a puzzle enemy, which player can’t kill, but must avoid using timing and so.


This summer I have a lot going around me, and I apologize in advance, that I can’t be as active as I was. I have meetings with my friends, possible moving to the another city, and maybe some other stuff I need to do, to get my life in order again. I still try to develop my game when I have some free time and energy. Just don’t expect regular blog updates for now, at least. Thank you for understanding!

Until next time! Have a warm summer! 😉


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