I’m back… kinda

Long time no see! Big thanks to all who tried my latest demo! I have gotten great feedback from my friends, and I’m set to sail the new seas with my game. Not too many bugs were found, but there were still some, which will be fixed when the next demo comes out. School entrance […]

Development Progress 14/5/2017

Another Tale of Unknown Heroes. Yup! That is gonna be the project name, for now at least. I made the title screen for the upcoming demo which you can see at the picture below. The enemies are animated and you can choose whether to start a new game or continue your existing one. The demo […]

Development Progress 23/4/2017

I’m back! Despite visiting my family,  I made a lot of progress during two weeks. First of all I discovered a huge performance tweak which is already implemented to the game. Before the tweak I had the problem that the game loaded the whole level at the same time which caused a slow down even […]

Development Progress 9/4/2017

The spring has finally come and weather has gotten warmer. We have finally got rid of the snow for good in Finland. At least I hope so! At last I’m done with the item merchant which took more time than I thought. Now the game has a fully working store for items that can be […]

Development Progress 26/3/2017

I managed to make almost fully working pause screen to the game. Only thing is that it seems I need to reset the player controls when the game resumes or player will get stuck forever. It’s a really simple pause screen though. When the player press ‘Esc’ key, the game freezes, and when the ‘Esc’ […]