Development Progress 23/4/2017

I’m back! Despite visiting my family,  I made a lot of progress during two weeks. First of all I discovered a huge performance tweak which is already implemented to the game. Before the tweak I had the problem that the game loaded the whole level at the same time which caused a slow down even […]

Development Progress 9/4/2017

The spring has finally come and weather has gotten warmer. We have finally got rid of the snow for good in Finland. At least I hope so! At last I’m done with the item merchant which took more time than I thought. Now the game has a fully working store for items that can be […]

Development Progress 26/3/2017

I managed to make almost fully working pause screen to the game. Only thing is that it seems I need to reset the player controls when the game resumes or player will get stuck forever. It’s a really simple pause screen though. When the player press ‘Esc’ key, the game freezes, and when the ‘Esc’ […]

Development Progress 12/3/2017

I wanted some break from messing with the graphics and started programming the forest enemies in working order. Some are already done I think, but there is still some minor fixing to be done. It’s definitely easier to import new enemies in the game when you already have similar enemies from before. Of course I […]

Development progress 19/2/2017

Hello again! This will be a massive post because there is a lot to say and show this time. First of all, I’m trying to revamp my blog little by little starting very soon. I’m so concentrated making my game that my blog gets no love and I’m gonna fix that. Not anything big though. […]

Development progress 5/2/2017

Hello there! It’s my birthday tomorrow but before celebrating let’s post my development progress. I made first version of the stage 1 background and treeline in front of it. What do you think? It’s a little different from the stage 2 version because I decided maybe it’s better to keep all graphics the same to […]

Development Progress 22/1/2017

Let’s post a development progress for a change! Two weeks have passed again since the last post and I decided it’s a good time to tell where I’m going at the moment. Graphics producing is going at a good pace since I have already made first three enemies for the next level. Don’t worry, I’m […]